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Details Hadronic-Mechanics-Nonpotential-Interactions

Hadronic Mechanics and Nonpotential Interactions Hadronic Mechanics & Nonpotential Interactions Full description

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Details Cognition-Communication-and-Interaction-Transdisciplinary-Perspectives-on-Interactive-Technology-HumanComputer-Interaction-Series-Band-11

Cognition, Communication and Interaction Examines the theoretical and methodological research issues that underlie the design and use of interactive technology. Full description

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Details Interactive-Media-The-Semiotics-of-Embodied-Interaction-The-Semiotics-of-Embodied-Interaction

Interactive Media The author discusses the existing theoretical approaches of semiotically informed research in HCI, what is useful and the limitations. He proposes a radical rethink to this approach and offers a different view of interaction from ...

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Details Plant-Microbe-Interactions

Plant-Microbe Interactions, Volume 1 Many plant-microbe interactions have agronomic importance because of either beneficial (e.g., nitrogen fixation or biocontrol) or detrimental (e.g., pathogen­ esis) effects. Although these systems have been the ...

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Details Nervous-System-Actions-and-Interactions

Nervous System Actions and Interactions Nervous System Actions and Interactions: Concepts in Neurophysiology approaches the nervous system from a functional, rather than structural, point of view. While all of the central topics of functional ...

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Details Drug-Interactions-in-Infectious-Diseases

The revised and up-to-date third edition of Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases delivers a text that will enhance your clinical knowledge of the complex mechanisms, risks, and consequences of drug interactions associated with antimicrobials ...

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Details Protein-protein-Interactions-and-Networks-Identification-Computer-Analysis-and-Prediction-Computational-Biology-Band-9

Protein-protein Interactions and Networks The biological interactions of living organisms, and protein-protein interactions in particular, are astonishingly diverse. This comprehensive book provides a broad, thorough and multidisciplinary coverage of ...

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Details Cognition-and-Multi-Agent-Interaction-From-Cognitive-Modeling-to-Social-Simulation

Cognition and Multi-agent Interaction Explores the intersection between individual cognitive modeling and modeling of multi-agent interaction. Full description

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Details The-Barbarians-of-Ancient-Europe-Realities-and-Interactions

[{ The Barbarians of Ancient Europe: Realities and Interactions[ THE BARBARIANS OF ANCIENT EUROPE: REALITIES AND INTERACTIONS ] By Bonfante, Larissa ( Author )Apr-29-2011 Hardcover By Bonfante, Larissa ( Author ) Apr - 29- 2011 ( Hardcover ) } ]

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Details Relational-Rituals-and-Communication-Ritual-Interaction-in-Groups

Relational Rituals and Communication This book provides a ground-breaking, interaction-based framework of rituals, drawing on multiple research disciplines. It examines ritual as a relational action constructed in interaction through pre-existing ...

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Details Analysis-of-Protein-Protein-Interactions-A-Computational-Approach

Analysis of Protein-protein Interactions In the past years protein-protein interactions have gained a strong interest in the fields of pharmacy, medicine, biology, and bioinformatics. In this book, statistical information on protein-protein ...

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Details Interface-Cultures-Artistic-Aspects-of-Interaction-Kultur-und-Medientheorie

Interface Cultures From media art archeology to contemporary interaction design -the term interface culture is based on a vivid and ongoing discourse in the fields of interactive art, interaction design, game design, tangible interfaces, auditory ...

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Details Multimodal-Signal-Processing-Human-Interactions-in-Meetings

Multimodal Signal Processing A synthesis of recent advances in multimodal signal processing applications for human interaction analysis and meeting support technology.

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Details Communicating-and-Organizing-in-Context-The-Theory-of-Structurational-Interaction-Communication-Series

Communicating and Organizing in Context integrates Giddens' structuration theory with Goffman's interaction order and develops a new theoretical base-the theory of structurational interaction-for the analysis of communicating and organizing. Both ...

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Details Molecular-Plant-Microbe-Interactions

Plants have evolved both general and highly specialized defence mechanisms that function to prevent diseases caused by the majority of microbial pathogens they encounter. Highly specialized defence is governed by specific interactions between pathogen ...

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Details Game-Theory-and-Experimental-Games-The-Study-of-Strategic-Interaction

Game Theory and Experimental Games: The Study of Strategic Interaction (International Series in Experimental Social Psychology Volume 4)

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Details Laser-Tissue-Interactions-Fundamentals-and-Applications-Biological-and-Medical-Physics-Biomedical-Engineering

Laser-tissue Interactions This essential work provides a thorough description of the fundamentals and applications in the field of laser-tissue interactions. Concepts such as the optical and thermal properties of tissue, and optical breakdown and its ...

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Details New-Trends-on-Human-Computer-Interaction-Research-Development-New-Tools-and-Methods

New Trends on Human-Computer Interaction This book is a compilation of papers selected from the 8th annual conference on Human-Computer Interaction held in 2007 in Spain. It covers all the latest in HCI fields and includes a specialized learning ...

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Details Human-Interaction-with-Complex-Systems-Conceptual-Principles-and-Design-Practice-The-Springer-International-Series-in-Engineering-and-Computer-Science-Band-372

Human Interaction with Complex Systems The 1995 Second Symposium on Human Interaction with Complex Systems, brought together a number of experts in the area of Human-System Interaction to provide answers to a variety of problems in four major areas of ...

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Details Vibronic-Interactions-Jahn-Teller-Effect-In-Crystals-And-Molecules-Nato-Science-Series-Ii-Closed

This book is based mostly on the reports presented at the XVth International lahn-Teller Symposium on Vibronic Interactions in Crystals and Molecules and NATO Advanced Research Workshop Colossal Magnetoresistance and Vibronic Interactions that took ...